About CAN DO and how to maximize your experience with this magazine

English is a language sought by many for various reasons. Some use it to seal business deals, and some may use it to communicate and exchange ideas with people from different countries.

Its popularity and importance has led to a worldwide effort to teach English to speakers of other languages. There is however, a gap that many have failed to fill. That is the lack of input once language enthusiasts leave their classrooms.

Therefore, we have planned to provide all who have taken an interest in English with as much real life English as possible on a wide range of topics, making our magazine even interesting to native speakers of English. Additionally we have sought to engage our readers in different activities as they go through our magazine.

  • Our “Your Page” section is designed to engage readers even more. The best writing assignments sent to us are printed in this section to help our readers take on a more active role.

  • Many articles contain a competition section. Those who want to take part in the competitions have 3 weeks to submit their entries once an issue is out. Our team at CAN DO will then choose and nominate the top 3 entries in each category and it is up to our visitors to review these nominees and vote for the best. To do so, they have 1 week.

  • Upon your purchase of any of our subscription packages, you will get a chance to win one of our ten 100,000 Toman gift cards every month for each 100 membership purchases.

  • Once you have purchased the magazine simply scan the QR Code on our impressum (magazine information page) to get your unique code. Visit Audio and Digital magazine sections and use this code to get the digital and audio versions of the magazine for free.

If you haven’t purchased the paper issue of our magazine, you can buy the digital and audio versions of our magazine by visiting our website.

We have also tried to do what we can to help those in need. Therefore we donate 5% of our monthly sales to help the blind.

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