It’s spring again! It is when flowers blossom and trees turn green again and nature comes back to life. Birds start singing and the weather is not freezing anymore. Did you know that spring is also when… when… “Achoooo!!”

Suddenly you have a runny nose and your eyes are all puffy and you feel tired and sleepy all the time. You’re right! Spring also means seasonal allergies. And what a pain in the neck they are!

Allergy is your immune system’s reaction to a substance like pollen or food. Many people don’t have to deal with allergic reactions at all, but many do. People are allergic to different kinds of food, pollen, animals and many other things. However common these allergic reactions are, there are a few tips that may help us deal with them more effectively.

Know when you’re more exposed to what triggers your allergic reaction. For example if you suffer from seasonal allergies, don’t go out when it’s windy. Or at least wear a mask if you have to do so. The best time to go out for those who suffer from such allergies is right after some rain. The weather is clean and there’s no pollen to bother you.

Make sure that you keep you indoor air fresh and clean. Don’t smoke and don’t hang out with those who do. There are air filters as well as humidifiers which help you keep your indoor air fresh.

If nothing works, you can always take antihistamines or visit a doctor. But make sure you do so! Because spring is a beautiful season and it’d be a shame to spend your days at home when you can have lots of fun with your friends outdoors!

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