Art and Technology

Art and technology are terms and concepts that are pretty much as old as humanity itself, and have evolved as humanity has. From cave paintings and blunt weapons to magical art galleries and space shuttles today.

We cannot separate our lives from either art or technology no matter how hard we try. An escape from the mad world of technology and art today is simple. Just go to a remote village far from civilization and live in an old house. But even there you will surely find yourself using what “technology” can be found around the house. The bronze pot was designed to endure heat so that one could cook in it, and the house itself was built to protect you from harm.

From an artistic point of view we could say that this particular house is no work of art, and we’re probably right. But each and every design has art woven into it. We can’t help it! It’s in our nature to want to make things beautiful and appealing to ourselves, if not others as well.

The thing is that although we can try and make a run for a simpler life which is dominated by neither art nor technology, it is impossible to put them aside altogether. Think of technology as the engine that drives humanity forward and art as its soul and desire to live.

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