A Taste of Austria

Anyone who loves traveling must pay this beautiful country a visit. There are many reasons to visit this little country in the heart of Europe, each enough to convince you to change your plane tickets and head there instead.

The perfect car doesn’t exi…

Well, think again! Ferrari, a powerhouse in the world of super cars has introduced yet another exquisite masterpiece to the market.

Red velvet cake

It’s a special occasion you want to celebrate, or something a friend brings over on his / her first visit to your house. It could also be something to accompany your cup of tea, coffee or glass of milk in the evening after a stressful day at work. A delicious slice of cake could easily be the answer to many emotional hassles of today’s life.

Dream Ride

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and you have your whole day to waste time. Surely it sounds great and it is what many decide to do. But there are a variety of different ways for us to fill our free time. It sure sounds cliché, but doing sports is one of the best ways to do so.


You’re an avid reader and you love keeping the books you read and at the same time you are technophobe or traditional enough not to go after e-readers. After a few months the inevitable happens: you have too many books lying around in your room or office. They take up too much space and you’re too attached to let go.

Iranian traditional music

he culture of a nation comes from people’s hearts and as a result is closely related to the different ways people express themselves.

Mythologically, it is said that it was during King Jamshid’s (one of the kings in Shahnameh) era that music was developed. Although there’s not much solid evidence to let us know when it all started to happen, there is enough to show that Iran enjoyed a well-developed musical culture.


What better way to decorate your newly bought house than by putting a beautifully designed carpet on its floor? Carpets come in many different colors, shapes and entertaining patterns, which allow us to find something that would fit right in any household.

Art and Technology

Art and technology are terms and concepts that are pretty much as old as humanity itself, and have evolved as humanity has. From cave paintings and blunt weapons to magical art galleries and space shuttles today.


It’s spring again! It is when flowers blossom and trees turn green again and nature comes back to life. Birds start singing and the weather is not freezing anymore. Did you know that spring is also when… when… “Achoooo!!”

Suddenly you have a runny nose and your eyes are all puffy and you feel tired and sleepy all the time. You’re right! Spring also means seasonal allergies. And what a pain in the neck they are!

Black holes

Unlike stars, the moon and the sun which were probably the first astronomical objects discovered by man, black holes successfully managed to escape our attention until not very long ago.  The reason is not that difficult: the gravitational force of a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape it. Hence, they remain dark in the sky and cannot be seen.