You’re an avid reader and you love keeping the books you read and at the same time you are technophobe or traditional enough not to go after e-readers. After a few months the inevitable happens: you have too many books lying around in your room or office. They take up too much space and you’re too attached to let go.

So now you have a bookshelf in your room and you put all your books where they belong. Or at least where you think they belong. Although you’re happy that you have books lying around no more, the sight of a bookshelf full of different books is just not as satisfactory as you thought it would be. So you decide to add a touch to it.

You categorize your books based on their content, and then take a step further and you arrange them based on their author; alphabetically. Or you may decide to categorize them from the newest to the oldest. A more practical approach would be to put those you’ve read apart from those you have yet to read.

You go through all the trouble and still something isn’t right. You need to add a touch of creativity. You don’t only need a bookshelf where you can keep your books. You need it to make it look great. The video contains some great tips you can use to help you do so. But don’t take it too far. What’s the point of a bookshelf that does contain very few books? Or one with many books that have not been read a single time?

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