What better way to decorate your newly bought house than by putting a beautifully designed carpet on its floor? Carpets come in many different colors, shapes and entertaining patterns, which allow us to find something that would fit right in any household.

Carpets are one of mankind’s oldest creations which could only mean that they come with many interesting facts. The Pazyryk Persian Rug is the oldest rug in the world and is about 2400 years old. It was discovered in an archeological excavation in 1949 in Siberia.

If you own a carpet, make sure that you take its hygiene seriously. Carpets can be the ideal environment for bed bugs. Another reason to clean your carpet is that the virus that causes the stomach flu can survive on an uncleaned carpet for about a month. We don’t mean to be hygiene freaks, but if you drop some food on your carpet that has gone uncleaned for a while, forget that 3-second rule and just throw it in the garbage can! Although you might clean your carpet every month, make sure that it is also properly and thoroughly washed and cleaned every year. There are professionals who will take care of that for you. But if you keep your carpet clean, it can actually help improve your health by trapping what might cause allergic reactions.

The truth is that if you are a lazy person and you don’t take your personal hygiene seriously, you might reconsider your life style and quite literally stop sweeping things under the carpet!

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