Iranian traditional music

he culture of a nation comes from people’s hearts and as a result is closely related to the different ways people express themselves.

Mythologically, it is said that it was during King Jamshid’s (one of the kings in Shahnameh) era that music was developed. Although there’s not much solid evidence to let us know when it all started to happen, there is enough to show that Iran enjoyed a well-developed musical culture.

Today’s traditional music started after Muslim’s conquest of Persia and during Safavid Empire. Many musicians contributed to the music that was being rebuilt, Agha Hossein-Ghoul and Mara Abdullah are two of the legendary figures who helped establish the foundation of present-day music in Iran.

Iranian music traditionally uses a variety of different instruments. Tombak, Tar, Tanbour, Kamancheh and Setar are to name a few. Tar and Setar are more popular than other musical instruments used and loved by Iranian musicians and music fans though.

Fajr International Music Festival is by far the most prestigious Iranian music festival today. Founded in 1986, this music festival hosts a variety of different musicians and styles from countries around the world every year.

Today there are many active traditional musicians in Iran who enjoy world-wide fame. Homayoun Shajarian, Ali Reza Eftekhari and Kayhan Kalhor are to name a few.

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