Cinema Page 33

Silent movies began to decrease in number and they soon became a part of the past.

The Second World Ward played its share in changing the way the movie industry was headed. That was when war dramas became popular with people and many films about war were made. This genre has been able to maintain its popularity even until today.

Non-English movies were not quite as fast to follow their western rivals. But in the 1950’s Asian cinema experienced a golden age. Japan, India and Korea all produced lots of movies that won the heart of many all over the world.  Maybe one of the products of this era is the all-time great “The Seven Samurai”. During this time Japan was home to many great directors whose films introduced an all new aspect to the movie industry. Japanese cinema was a huge inspiration for what later became “Bollywood”. India experienced a huge leap forward in its movie industry and was able to make as many as 200 movies annually.

After movies found their way into people’s homes, the invention of the copyright law was only a matter of time. This stopped the illegal copying of movies and was an effort to protect all those in the movie industry from movie piracy.

With the introduction of computers and their usage in movie making, what seemed impossible became possible. Imaginary worlds came to life, as well as characters and places which could not be found on the Earth.

Since the introduction of moving picture, it has experienced constant changes. All these changes have done nothing but to bring movies closer to our hearts. What does the future hold for the industry? We should wait and find out!