Crossword Puzzle Page 77

Crossword Puzzle

Every mystery helps you to pick your brain.


  1. Able to act sensibly and intelligently
  2. Giving help to somebody who has a problem
  3. Having strong feeling, and often showing them
  4. Kind and showing you understand somebody’s problems
  5. Angry or sad because somebody has something you don’t have
  6. Able to accept ideas you don’t agree with
  7. Always telling the truth
  8. Small round pieces of plastic you wear in your eyes to help you see better
  1. Very surprised
  1. Quite fat, in a nice way
  1. The opposite of confident
  1. Feeling happy
  1. Very angry
  1. Very thin
  1. Boring
  2. Thinking you are better than other people


  1. Happy to give more money and help than it is usual
  1. Without a beard or moustache
  1. With a solid, strong body
  2. Relaxed and not worried by what other people do
  3. The way somebody looks
  4. Thin in an attractive way
  5. Likely to fight or argue
  1. Feeling sure about your own ability
  1. Imagine or think of somebody in a particular way
  2. Very frightened
  1. Very happy and exited
  1. Unhappy and depressed

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