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Ever wanted to drop everything and leave things as they are, then set out on a journey to, well, anywhere? We’ve all experienced this feeling. Although it may seem like an unconventional idea, you should know that traveling goes way back in time; it is as old as mankind.

It started millions and millions of years ago. The reason behind journeying to other places was quite simple: survival. Humans needed to be on the move to be able to feed their young, escape from cold and protect their sick and injured.

Without permanent houses, people used to travel light; they didn’t pack many things before leaving one place and settling in another. It was only the absolutely necessary that accompanied them. Doing so had its advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, it stayed mankind’s way of life for a very long time. This era ended when humans started agriculture and animal husbandry. It led to the settlement of the human race, and in no time nomad life became something in the distant past.

Despite all the changes that our lifestyle has gone through, traveling has managed to keep its place in our hearts. We travel for different reasons. Some of us travel because our jobs require us to do so, and some do it for the sheer joy of it.

In today’s busy life, traveling can be an extremely beneficial way to get rid of stress. It helps us get away from stressful jobs and traffic jams. It gives us a chance to get fresh air, wake up late to a wonderful sunshine on the top of a hill, or listen to the beautiful sound of rain or the quiet of the mountains with nothing to worry about.

Traveling, despite popular belief, doesn’t need to take a long time either. It can be a short trip to a neighboring city or village on the weekend. We often wrongly assume that long holidays are meant for traveling. But a one-day trip also counts. It’s easy to hop on a train, or get into a car and travel not far away to get to a remote place with breathtaking views. It is surprising that not a lot of people are aware of all the nearby sights they can visit,