Culture and travel Page 40

Or beautiful destinations that can serve as a stress reliever on a simple weekend.

It can also be cheap to travel. There are trains, buses and planes that are not as expensive as some might think. It may also be a good idea to arrange a weekend getaway with some friends and then get in a car and just drive away. You don’t need to stay at hotels to spend the night. You could camp in the heart of a jungle. But you need to be careful! There may be dangerous animals around. So if you don’t have much experience camping, renting a hotel room is your safest choice! You should however, be able to find cheap yet reasonable hotels.

But the best thing about traveling is meeting new people. As you move out of your hometown and enter another city, you will meet people with different beliefs and way of thinking. This difference is more significant when you travel to another province or state, and even more obvious when you travel to another country. Doing so gives you the chance to find out more about people, their culture and their traditions.

This cultural aspect of traveling is absolutely important. Before you meet new people, you want to learn about what they consider rude in their culture, and what is polite and shows that you have good manners. So a little bit of studying and research before you set out on your trip can be quite useful. There are different ways to learn about a culture. You may want to go online and find tips on the internet, or, if you are into reading books, you should be able to find hundreds of books that go through costumes and traditions of people from different countries and cities.

Meeting new people means learning about them. Learning about different people means learning more about yourself, and learning more about yourself means becoming a better person. By traveling we learn to respect other people’s beliefs and ways of thinking. We also learn that we are not the only people in the world, and that the world is surely a vast place. So, interacting with different cultures expands our horizons.

What we need to know though, is that traveling is of great many benefits. And what makes it even more fun is the fact that getting to know different cultures comes naturally with traveling. They are a duo that teach us a great deal about life and

make us realize that not very far away from where we live, new ideas and worlds exist. It also brings us closer to other people, which makes it all the more reason to grab a backpack and make a plan to go somewhere new next weekend, and meet some new people, and get a little bit of culture too.