Health and diet Page 24


On a hot summer day not many things can be as refreshing as a couple of slices of cold watermelon. But they can be a great part of a delicious breakfast on any other day during the year, for a good many number of reasons.

Watermelon is Low on calories and high on vitamins and minerals. The sweet taste of water melon makes it a favorite snack among both adults and kids alike. Consuming lots of watermelon during the day may reduce your chances of developing asthma and help you with your blood pressure.


They’re packed with potassium and fiber. The vitamin B6 present in bananas strengthens your nervous system and can help your body with its production of white blood cells. Due to the rich source of fiber in bananas, consuming them can actually help you if you’re planning to lose weight. In some countries people consume banana peel in different forms, boiled or even fried! But if you plan to eat banana peel, make sure it’s properly washed before you eat it.


It doesn’t only help you wake up on a lazy Monday morning. There are a number of health benefits to drinking coffee. However, you should keep in mind that extensive amounts of coffee can damage your body. According to some studies, drinking coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Doing so is thought to be beneficial for your liver as it reduces the chances of liver cancer and other liver related diseases.