Health and diet Page 25


With their antioxidants, sweet taste and colorful texture, they sure have won their place in our diet. Raspberries have proven themselves to be beneficial for our brain. Consumption of raspberries is also thought to slow down the aging process. In addition to all this, raspberries, like other fruits rich in vitamin C, protect your skin against UV light damage.

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is packed full of benefits. Not only is it brown!, which is different that your usual bread color, it is also beneficial to your stomach. The fibers in whole wheat bread will help you with digestion and passing the food through your intestines. Be careful though, since excessive consumption of fiber will probably lead to bloating and gas.


Oranges can be consumed in different ways. Orange juice is a favorite and rather easy way of feeding your body this delicious and extremely beneficial fruit. Caught a cold? A traditional and practical way to fight the common cold and the flu is drinking lots and lots of orange juice. Oranges also lower your chances of lung cancer and have cholesterol lowering effects.