Idioms Page 19


My English exam is in less than a week. I have made a proper plan to help me pass my exam with the perfect score.

I usually (1) go through my notes  before any of my exams. I’ve also (2) gotten into the habit of writing sentences with the words or structures that I find difficult to learn during the term.

I still have some problems with the way I study. For example, I usually (3) get bogged down in questions that are not very important. I know it is incredibly important to go to bed early and not (4) stay up the night before any exam. I also have these two classmates who are always stressed; I need to (5) steer clear of them in the hallway. To manage my time I need to (6) keep one eye on my watch. Another great tip I found out about is that when my mind (7) goes blank, I should keep my cool and simply move to another question. I should also remember to read through my answers at the end of the exam session.

I have done everything I could to pass. I (8) keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. After all, (9) it won’t be the end of the world if I fail!

1) Look at or study notes, papers, etc.

2) Develop a particular habit.

3) Become so involved with the details of something that you can’t make any progress.

4) Go to bed later than usual.

5) Take care to avoid somebody or something.

6) Look at or watch something while doing something else.

7) If your mind goes blank you are unable to remember the answer to a question.

8) Hope for good luck or success.

9) It’s not the worst thing that could happen.