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For some it’s classical pieces without words or lyrics, for others it is the trendiest of the songs available. Regardless of the genre, we all have a few favorite songs that keep us company as we experience different moods; when we are sad or when we’re feeling happy or excited. Most of us probably have different songs for different occasions; studying, driving, exercising or meditation.

Music has sure found its way into our lives and has become an inseparable part of our lives. From the soothing tunes a mother sings for her baby to complicated pieces played at orchestras. But like anything else that has become a part of our everyday lives, we must ask this very simple question: How do we benefit from it?

Music affects us, both mentally and physically. There have been countless studies conducted on this matter and more or less they all point toward one direction: Music is good for us. But how beneficial is it really?

Music helps reduce stress

Listening to soothing music can be an extremely powerful tool to help you get rid of all the unnecessary stress in your daily life. It helps your mind calm down and drags your attention away from all the negative thoughts that tag along with stress. Put together with another activity, say, meditation, music can greatly help you calm down after a hard day’s work.

Problem sleeping?

Music comes in handy if you have problem falling asleep at night. Something soothing and relaxing can take all the tension in your muscles away and help your body prepare for sleep. It can even, to an extent, help people dealing with Insomnia. But you need to make sure that the pieces you choose to listen to are those that help you relax; so nothing upbeat or exiting!

Music can be a great mood changer and enhancer

It is a known fact that music enhances your current mood. If you wake up happy and energetic, you usually go for something to accompany you and your mood throughout the day. But when you’re feeling down and depressed, you usually go for something to make you feel even sadder. But as you may already know, music can change your mood too. Next time you’re feeling down, put on some upbeat pieces of music and keep listening to them;