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Over the past few decades the way we communicate has undergone many significant changes. It has become faster, beyond the imagination of those who lived 100 years ago, and it has also become much more convenient and cost-efficient.

In today’s world it is absolutely important that everyone is able to get his/her hands on as much information as they desire in order to improve and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of their surroundings and the world they live in.

But it has not always been easy for everyone to access information. People living in remote areas could never hope to get brand new information on what was happening around the world. Those people were not the only one suffering from lack of information. Back then, reading books or poems could only be described and gruesome and hectic for the blind. It was also difficult for students to communicate with their professors or exchange ideas with their fellow classmates.

Such problems seized to exist when caring and talented people took matters in their own hands and decided to change the world and make it a better place.

This article is about a person whose efforts and genius changed the world for millions. Louis Braille made it possible for the blind to go through and read books as well as produce them. Before he developed his idea, the blind would find it expensive and absolutely difficult to attend schools and learn to read or write.

Using his idea many organizations and schools, where the blind and partially sighted people could study and be educated, were opened.

We believe that such efforts should never be taken for granted. We therefore like to tell you a little about the life of the man who managed to facilitate and forever change the education system for the blind.

Sometimes what some people leave behind changes the lives of many; forever.