Psychology Page 17

Socialize with those you care about

Spending time with friends and family greatly helps you. Sharing can also be a great way of dealing with stress. It is also important that you share your experiences with others. Doing so helps you understand how others have reacted in similar situations. One’s approach toward a stressful situation may be useful for you as well. Instead of trying to deal with a situation by trying and learning from your mistakes, you can try the approaches that have actually worked and avoid those which have failed.

If nothing works, seek a professional’s advice

The above approaches are some general ways of dealing with stress. If none of the above helped you with your situation, it is wise to go to a specialist or a counselor to seek advice. There may be certain kinds of medicine that you need to take, or certain things you need to do to deal with your stress effectively. One thing is for sure though, doing such things on our own can have disastrous results. Doing them under careful supervision on the other hand, can have immediate and very positive results.


Stress is a natural phenomenon which occurs quite often in our life. Learning as much as you can about stress will greatly help you deal with it effectively. Managing your stress is another important factor that you should always consider. Keeping your stress levels in the constructive zone will help you improve your performance. So next time you feel a bit stressed about an exam or a sports event, keep in mind that this stress can be of great use.