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Each month we select three reading texts at elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels to evaluate your understanding of different topics. Each learner, based on one’s level, can write a summary of either of the excerpts, and visit our website at to join others in the competition.

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Why Do People Laugh? (A2)

Do you laugh every day? Most people do. Scientists say that people laugh about 16 times a day. That is a lot of laughter.

In India, there are hundreds of laughter clubs. The people in these clubs get together every morning. First they stretch their hands above their heads. Then they pretend to laugh. Soon everyone is laughing naturally. People say they feel good after laughing together.

Scientists believe that laughter is good for you. Why? For one thing, laughter is good exercise. When you laugh, you exercise many muscles in your body. Scientists say that one hundred laughs equals ten minutes of running. When you laugh, you also breathe deeply. This helps you relax. That’s good for you, too.

Why do we laugh? That is a hard question to answer. We know that people laugh more often in a group. They don’t laugh very often when they are alone. Many scientists believe that we use laughter to connect to other people. Laughter helps us feel part of a group.

In English, people say that laughter is the best medicine. Some think that laughter helps sick people get well.