Riddles Page 20


Fun with words

Many find it difficult to write stories. To write in a language besides your mother language is an even bigger challenge. But no challenge should stop you from learning something new. We have come up with a simple competition. Use the answers to our riddles and crossword puzzle sections to create your all new and original story! Submit your short stories and join others in the competition to win the top prize!

Your short stories need to be about 150 words in length, and all the answers to the riddles and crossword puzzle questions must be included in your short story.

1-Johnny‘s mother had three children. The first child was named April, The second child was named May. What was the third child‘s name?

2-What has a foot but no legs?

3-What can you catch but not throw?

4-They come out at night without being called, and are lost in the day without being stolen. What are they?

5-You walk into a room with a match, a kerosene lamp, a candle, and a fireplace. Which do you light first?

6-What kind of tree is carried in your hand?