Teaching Page 49

You might have been teaching languages for quite some time now, or you may have just started doing so or be even thinking about setting foot on this amazing journey. Wherever you are, you might have started thinking about what you should do to become a better teacher. At any stage during your career a teacher should be aware of where he / she stands and should also set clear milestones and goals using which they can achieve more and become better teachers.

What needs to be taken into account is the fact that at every stage, there are different programs a teacher must seek.  A thorough knowledge of where you are and what each of the stages indicates will help you plan your professional development better.

Stage 1

This stage includes those who are studying to become teachers, or those with a basic teaching qualification and one to two years of teaching experience. At this stage you may not have a clear view of the path ahead of you and may not also be familiar with what is there to come in each of the classes you are going to teach. One of the most useful ways of developing yourself at this stage is by observing your other, more professional, colleagues teach. Attending a class as an observer will help you out in many different ways. It will help you understand how classroom works. In addition it will give a rather rare opportunity: to view the classroom from two different points of view. First, you get the chance to join the students in different activities and find out how effective each activity is. Second, it will give you the chance to observe students, their performance and what their teacher does and how he / she deals with different problems.

Stage 2

At this stage you are already packed with at least 2 or 3 years of teaching full time. Although you are quite confident when dealing with your everyday lessons and students, you still feel nervous when assigned to a new group of students or a course you have no experience teaching. You may have already acquired a certificate in language teaching or may be thinking about it.  This is where you should start thinking about how you want your future career to be like: Are you interested in teaching to adults or children?