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Or do you see your future in ESP (English for Special Purposes)?

At this stage you should be communicating and exchanging ideas with your more experienced peers on a regular basis and you should also be covering and going through different books and materials to consolidate your knowledge of teaching.

Stage 3

At this point you are quite familiar with almost all the aspects of English language teaching. You are sought by usually younger and less experienced teachers for advice and you’re packed with 10 or more years of teaching experience. You have the experience of teaching many different courses and you are thoroughly aware of how language acquisition takes place. You may have already obtained an advanced teaching diploma or may be thinking about taking one. You have your career plan all figured out and each of the steps you take are well-thought and planned.

At each stage there are certain courses and certificates you can pursue to improve your career and your knowledge of teaching as well. We’ve tried to categorize some of these available certificates and courses into 3 levels so that they fit into how we have classified teachers, just to make things easier.

Level 1

Don’t let the “level 1” title fool you. Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a series of highly valuable teaching certificates offered by Cambridge English. One of the amazing things about TKT is that it consists of many different modules that each cover a specific area in English teaching, and can each be taken separately. Upon successfully passing the test, candidates are awarded their certificates. You have TKT modules 1-3, which test your knowledge of principles and practice of English language teaching; and then you have specialist modules which cover special areas of teaching. You need at least B1+ CEFR level of proficiency if you wish to take either one of the TKT modules with ease.

Level 2

One of the most well-known certificates a teacher with 2-3 years of experience should definitely consider pursuing in CELTA. Offered by Cambridge English, this certificate gives candidates the insight they need into the fundamentals of English language teaching. The assessment is both written and in the form of teaching practice.

Apart from Cambridge English’s CELTA, there are other Certificates in TESOL offered by other colleges and institutions a teacher can choose to pursue.

Level 3

Diploma courses are what professional and experienced teachers seek to quench their thirst for knowledge. Although other teachers who find themselves competitive enough and have the time to put into studying may also take on diploma courses. One of the most valuable English teaching certificates at this stage is DELTA which is offered by, take a wild guess!, Cambridge English. Although there are other diploma in courses TESOL available.