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Step 1- Brainstorming ideas

At this stage you try to come up with as many ideas related to the topic as possible. So, for our topic we can list the following ideas:

-Where you went.

-The food you had on your trip.

-The places you visited.

-The weather.

-People you met.

-Public transportation.

-The city’s culture and its people’s customs

And etc.

Your writing tasks are usually more thorough than the task above and some of the ideas above are usually a part of the task.

Step 2 – Planning your Writing

This is where you choose and organize your ideas. Go through all your ideas and choose the ones you find more important / related to the topic. Then number them in the order you want to include them in your writing and add any additional ideas related to the ones you have chosen.

Of the mentioned ideas above, I’d like to first mention where I went. Then mention the food, and lastly the places I visited. I would also like to mention a food poisoning experience under my “Food” category.

Once you’re done doing this part, you should have your writing mapped out and it will probably look something like this:

Step 3 – Writing

With your plan ready, it’s now time to start writing. Make sure you know the framework in which you should write: Is it an essay, a letter, an article or a review? Each type has its rather unique structure, and in order to successfully write your piece you need to be aware of these writing formats.

Take your time and using your plan, write your writing. Make sure you stick to the plan and follow its order. It can be confusing or you may forget to include critical information if you don’t go according to your plan.

Step 4 – Revising your writing

This is your last step. You need to carefully go through your piece. You need to check for possible grammatical errors and misspellings, as well as for punctuation and your choice of words as well. Make sure that you have included all the necessary information and that you have everything in the right place. This last step is absolutely important, but sadly many choose not to notice or take this last step. We suggest that you do take this step as it usually improves your writing.