Red velvet cake

It’s a special occasion you want to celebrate, or something a friend brings over on his / her first visit to your house. It could also be something to accompany your cup of tea, coffee or glass of milk in the evening after a stressful day at work. A delicious slice of cake could easily be the answer to many emotional hassles of today’s life.

As you savor every bit and appreciate the taste and texture of the tasty desert you’re having, you can’t help but wonder how something so delicious is made. And then you might think about the variety of different cakes there is in the world, those you’ve tried and those you want to try, and even those you would’ve loved to try if you knew they existed.

When it comes to appetite we love being creative. We love experimenting food and our ultimate goal is to create something that would carve into anyone who tastes our dish, and make people swarm to cafes and restaurants just to get a taste of what we have created.

Red Velvet cake is one of the cakes that have become incredibly popular around the world, regardless of the occasion being celebrated. Although Red Velvet is usually made by dyeing cocoa red, a true Red Velvet cake contains cocoa alongside its many other ingredients. Although many describe Red Velvet as the cousin of chocolate cake, we know that this cousin is here to stay and is quite the competition for its beloved rival, chocolate cake.

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