The perfect car doesn’t exi…

Well, think again! Ferrari, a powerhouse in the world of super cars has introduced yet another exquisite masterpiece to the market.

Ferrari 812 ticks all the boxes. It’s incredibly quick, looks phenomenal and it’s high-tech computer system does whatever necessary to make it possible for amateur drivers to enjoy driving an untamed beast of a car.

But why, for those of us who can actually afford this car, should one buy this particular car and not one of its many rivals? Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes and many other car manufacturers who continually make cars that are no less than perfect. What makes Ferrari special then?

To be honest all these cars are jaw-dropping works of art and engineering. But Ferrari, on many occasions, has managed to capture the true essence of a car. That is the machine with a mind of its own. Something that makes you feel proud and yet scared, because you know that if you turn off all the systems that are designed to help you have a safe and fun driving experience, you will have to wrestle an angry wild beast that cannot tell friend from foe apart.

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